Travis G. Williams

Travis G. Williams

The 27 year old is also known as IronWolffe, is just a werewolf in a three piece sui]]t. Dashing as he may be, doesn't get ahead of himself. One of four siblings, IronWolffe has many stories to tell. Without these stories, he wouldn't have much reason to howl at the moon. He uses his passion for writing and enjoyment of video games to get through life with minimum worry. The relaxing sound of Smooth Jazz also calms his temper. He is currently taking a graduate-level class: LBSCI 700 - Information of Technology, in order to learn various means to start to career path in Library Science. From basic HTML pages to creating this very WikiDot page, IronWolffe is learning the necessary tools to become the best librarian and eventually Director.

Travis loooooooooooooves the library!!!!!!

Fun Facts

  • Travis has written two novels before graduating high school. Unpublished, though. :(
  • His favorite comic book hero is, Black Panther
  • Has been at one workplace for more than 10 years
  • Recently discovered the joys of hummus


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