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Scott Lipkowitz is an avid enthusiast of history, travel, books, and heavy metal.

Winston Churchill, whom Scott holds in high regard, once said that "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." In that spirit, Scott recently embarked upon a new journey: entering the field of librarianship.

After spending eleven years as a camera technician in the film & television industry, it was evident that the time had come to seek out a career more closely aligned with his interests: history, reading, and the acquisition of knowledge. Thus, in January of 2017 Scott began work on a dual Masters degree in Library Science and History at the GSLIS at CUNY Queens College; ultimately aspiring to hold a position as a research librarian in one of the New York area's prestigious research libraries.

Scott's work can be found on the History and Moral Philosophy Blog and the Historical Reference website.

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Climbing the dunes of the Namib Dessert

Heavy Metal History

History and Heavy Metal have a rich association. The glory, the drama, the tragedy, and the gory make the history of our species endlessly fascinating, and provide fodder for some epic heavy metal compositions \m/.

Here, for your listening pleasure, is a list of Scott's top five heavy metal history songs (and yes he promises they aren't all from Iron Maiden):

  • 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena) by Alestorm

  • Paschendale by Iron Maiden

  • The March of the Varangian Guard by Turisas

  • Bastille Day by Rush

  • The Trooper by Iron Maiden


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