Sam Weinberg

Hello, my name is Sam Weinberg and I'm a student in the GSLIS program at Queen's College. My interests in this field are both contemporary and anachronistic – I'm equally compelled by the limitless possibilities that exist from internet archives (notably Ubu Web, Kenneth Goldsmith's online repository of avant garde art ) while also feeling a certain compulsion to preserve the tangible, in the face of its impending demise (read: working with materials as such and not screen facsimiles).

Much of my time outside of school is surrounded by music. I play the saxophone and have also been increasingly working on compositions comprised of field recordings, found sounds, etc. which aim to more pointedly deal with perception, repetition, and questions about what the nature of music is, as distinct from sound.

While I'm not one for favorites, I'll list three books that I've read this summer

  • Robert Morris - Object Sculpture
  • William Gaddis - The Recognitions
  • Brian Olewnick - Keith Rowe: The Room Extended

You can find out more about my classmate Jennifer Grunenberg, who works in art and has an interest in digital preservation.
and my classmate Johnathan Longo who is interested in video games and education and, as we discovered last week, went to college across the street from me in Maryland. It's a small world!

You can find more information about me, and look at some of my projects from the term, on my class Wordpress site. If you'd like to see the rest of the bios not linked here, go to the Home Page for the class.


Below you can see an image which was distributed during our class' final exam

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