Ryan Ramdeo's page

Ryan Ramdeo's Page

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ryan Ramdeo and this is a wiki page that I am working on. I got my bachelors in English at Queens College in 2019 and I'm currently starting the MLIS program this semester. To be honest, I was initially going to college to become an English teacher. However, I decided to not pursue that any further, feeling the profession wasn't right for me. However, I still wanted to obtain a profession where I could help people and after talking to a friend who graduated from this program along with doing my own research, I felt that this profession would be right for me.

Now, due to how 2020 has been, I have been trying to keep myself busy when I am not doing schoolwork. Some of my hobbies include:

  • Writing (Enjoy writing screenplays and I'm working on one at the moment)
  • Reading (I just enjoy reading for fun. My favorite book is Patricia Park's Re Jane)
  • Exercising (Currently learning intermediate footwork while jumping rope)
  • Video Games (Fan of the Fallout series and fighting games)
  • Photography (Like taking pictures of nature)
  • Building plastic models (All the models are based around Gundam, an anime franchise based around giant robots)

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Fun fact about me. One of my favorite movies ever is Howl's Moving Castle. I loved it as a kid and I still love it to this day. So, here's a picture of Howl's home.


I'm Kristina, a fellow student in your class. I love this movie too! Check out my page.

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