Hello, welcome to my wiki page.
My name is Richard Gyampo. I was born near the ivory coast in Accra,
Ghana, and raised in London, England from early childhood to late teens. I
have a large family, four sisters, and myself. In 2015, I had a hip
replacement surgery on my left leg; this experience changed my life. I say
this because it gave me the motivation to finish my Bachelor's and
continue to get a master's in library science. Furthermore, going through
physical therapy made me realize that anything is possible and if you set
a goal, you can achieve it. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Arts from
Queens College in 2016. Although, when asked what degree I hold, I like to
to say(jokingly)that I have a bachelor's in audio dynamics and I am
getting a Master's in immaculate sematics, lol. I am currently working for
the Queens Public Library. I am currently attending online classes at Queens college

Since this is an exercise, I going to post a link to my favorite comic book writer: Kurt Busiek, and his amazing limited 12 issue run and the price guide to the comicsAvenger's Forever
The following is a list of classmates that are attending Professor Sanchez's Fall 2020 Technology of Information class with their wiki pages:

*Ryan Ramdeo
*Eric Silberberg Hello!!!
*Daniel Lado Hello, Daniel here. I hope the best in your endeavors.
*Max Nocerino
*Wyatt McLean
*Pamela White
*Allison Iannolo
*Ivanna Machuca
*Larissa Zhang
*Kristina Polacco
*Brooke Brenan
*Megan Pindling
*Danabelle Ignes
*Melissa Cabarcas
*Amanee Abdallah
*Harley Soskel
*Erin A'Hearn
*Eliecer Gutierrez-Gaspar

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