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Hello my name is Ninoska Velasco, however everyone calls me Nina. I graduated with a History BA in Queens College and now I am a continuous student in the MLIS Queens College grad program. I am currently attending one of my core classes: the 700 Technology of Information. In this website I am learning how to create a wiki page.


  • I am an avid reader but have a horrible habit of reading the last chapter of a book because I cannot stand surprises or suspense. And once I read a novel/ text I can never place it down until I completely finish the text in one sitting. Furthermore more, one of my favorite all times novels as well as TV series has to be Anne of Green Gables.
  • I enjoy ice-skating in the winter either in Wisconsin or New York. One of my favorite traditions with my family has to be attending a late showing of the Christmas Spectacular in Radio City Music Hall and afterwards ice-skating in the rink at Rockefeller Center.
  • I enjoy traveling and currently I am planning a trip to visit my family in Wisconsin in December for Christmas break as well as traveling to Europe and South America for the summer.
  • I enjoy playing the violin and attending Broadway Shows.
  • I enjoy watching Marvel and DC movies/TV shows and my two favorite characters have to be: the Hulk and Wolverine.
  • I too enjoy traveling to London like my classmate Camille!


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