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My name is Melissa Lino and I am currently a graduate student in the GSLIS program at Queens College. This wiki page is for my 700 class, The Technology of Information, where I'm learning the basics of things like HTML and CSS taught by Professor Sanchez. My only experience with these computer languages is from playing Neopets as a child, so it's very refreshing to use them again. I plan on continuing my studies with a focus on archives and preservation of cultural materials.


I saw that my classmates made use of the table tool and I wanted to try it too! If this color scheme seems obnoxious to you then I'm mildly offended because it's nearly identical to my room. Previously my walls were THIS color. I originally wanted my room to have an underwater feel, but it turns out that dark blue transforms you into a hermit. Does the sun actually exist when your walls absorb light? The answer is no! I only mention this because it actually does seem obnoxious to me on this page (lol), so this is just an extended conversation with myself.




Like most people I enjoy listening to music. I still buy CDs and I usually get them from Book-Off in Manhattan. This is where I bought the soundtrack to Until the End of the World, directed by Wim Wenders. I haven't seen the movie and whether I have any plans to remains nebulous. I only bought the CD because the cover looked like something I'd be into, and I was right! It reminds me of road trips to Las Vegas as a child (I'm from SoCal), and I prefer to believe that's what the movie's about.


Here are some books I've recently read/re-read:

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