Melanie Chin

My name is Melanie. I currently a graduate student at Queens College majoring in library science. I hold a masters’ in women and gender studies from the CUNY Graduate Center and three undergraduate degrees from various CUNY schools. My timely research extends to women, LGBT, gender, race, class, intersectionality, urban planning, and statues.

In the near future, I want to be in the academic librarian feild. This will enable me to extend my knowledge to students and staff on how important it is to preserve women’s history. As seen in Foucaultian, Marxist, and Freudian thought, women have played and still hold a special role in patriarchal and hierarchical society. It is crucial because without preserving history, there is no history.

Currently, I hold a position at the Queens Library, which allows me to focus on me education. Daily work consists of maintaining the library stacks and the reading room, sorting and shelving lending materials, and prepareingnewspapers. Previously, I was a department manager at two major realtors who are now defunct.

Formally, I was a volunteer at New York Cares. I was a Team Leader Volunteer, where I was able to gain more supervisory skills with volunteers. Also, I was a volunteer that allowed me learn how New York Cares works. In both roles, I was able to donate my time to organizations who needed support.

In my travels I have met politicians, celebrities, activists, and comedians. The list could go on and on. I have known a few acquaintances for many years, whom have steered me in my decision of becoming someone, rather than not leaving my mark on society. Comedian and author, Judah Friedlander has always encouraged me to be myself and to follow my dream. and New York Online (defunct) founder, Omar Wasow has emboldened to spread my knowledge to the world.

Upon my discoveries within the Wiki, I have found an interesting page called Gay History Wiki.

I have a wide range of things I like to do in my spare time. It would be too many to list. Some of them include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Movies
  • Museums
  • Sightseeing
  • Volunteering

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