Max Nocerino

==About me==

I think I am basically unattractive to all women so I put up this picture instead lol. I frequently edited the Harry Potter wiki from 2007-2010 and I was known as Donmax. I edited the Star Wars wiki for many years as well as Darth Pickle 2. I think my experience documenting information will come in handy as a librarian. I was banned from Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki in 2012 because their was an admin on who took a great disliking to me and monitored everything I did and when I made editing mistakes, he banned me. I still have my old user page. Check it out.

ALSO, check out all my reviews of Star Wars books and TV episodes

This is Alexandra's page

==My favorite pages==
*'' George Lucas''
*'' Force lightning''
*'' Anakin Skywalker''

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