Leila Walker

Leila Walker is an MLIS student at Queens College. She is currently taking her first core course, GSLIS 700: The Technology of Information, along with (please add link to your page) Gabby Borrero, Maria Cavaliere, Cindy Centanni, Raheem Clarke , Jennifer (Jen) Gage, Elizabeth Gold, Annette Mims, Robert Newman, Patricia Reguyal, Ari Stern, Kristen Sweeney, Rebecca Voisich, and Mallory Weber.

Education and Work History

Leila earned her PhD in English from the City University of New York Graduate Center in 2015. Her focus area is in the British Romantic poets, and particularly the development of the term “ephemera” from a short-lived insect to a figure for the fragility of textual and material culture has led naturally to an interest in libraries, archives, and the digital humanities.

Leila works as the Research Associate on Shelley and his Circle, a privately funded scholarly publication that presents manuscript materials from the Pforzheimer Collection at New York Public Library with bibliographic descriptions and explanatory essays. As the Research Associate, she analyzes and researches the content of the materials, identifies key figures and contexts, and checks the accompanying commentary.

As departmental assistant for the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Program at the CUNY Graduate Center, Leila handled all administrative and technical issues related to this small, interdisciplinary program, including promoting the certificate, developing digital communities and archives, and organizing digital skills workshops and conferences. She also co-founded and served as managing editor for The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, an open, peer-reviewed publication.

After finishing her PhD, Leila built on her experiences with archival research and digital innovation as a Council on Library and Information Resources Postdoctoral Fellow at St. Lawrence University. In that capacity, she collaborated with scholars, librarians, and IT professionals on projects that link archival studies and academic projects with digital preservation and presentation.

In addition to pursuing her MLIS, Leila currently teaches in the English Department at Queens College and works to develop strategies for digital pedagogy as a Digital Writing Fellow.


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