Michael Korte's Brief Bio:

Thank you for visiting my GSLIS 700 The Technology of Information Wikidot.com webpage. I am just beginning to figure out how to use Wikidot so please bear with me. I have lived in New York City since July of 1998. I originally grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I became interested in digital content in my first job at a magazine publishing company in the late 90s. Ever since then I have been passionate about learning how digital content is distributed, created, and accessed. This passion for digital content has led me to further my studies at the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at Queens College, in New York City’s Flushing Queens district. This Wikidot webpage will hopefully be a reflection of my passion for digital content. (The picture here is of my dog, Ella, a pug and Boston terrier mix, i.e. a Bug.)

Websites Used in GSLIS 700 The Technology of Information:

Professor Sanchez's 5 General Principles of Social Informatics:

  • Uses of ICT lead to multiple and sometimes paradoxical effects.
  • Uses of ICT shape thought and action in ways that benefit some groups more than others.
  • The differential effects of the design, implementation and uses of ICTs often have moral and ethical consequences.
  • The design, implementation and uses of ICTs have reciprocal relationships with the larger social context.
  • The phenomenon of interest will vary by the level of analysis.


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