Killian Taylor

Killian Taylor

Killian Taylor is a graduate student at CUNY Queens College, where he is currently enrolled in the Masters of Library Science and Master of the Arts in History program.



Killian is from Glen Cove, New York. Before attending Queens College, Killian had received a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Psychology from SUNY College at Old Westbury with a concentration on Community Psychology. He has also done a large amount of work in the field, from co-founding his own public outreach radio program to working with a number of not-for-profit organizations. Currently, Killian works at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, where he works as a mansion guide.


While enrolled in GSLIS 700, The Technology of Information, Killian has a few goals he wishes to accomplish:

  • To gain the technological skills needed for a career in the field of Information Science.
  • To gain a more thorough understanding of the current forms of social media and their applications.
  • To proficiently create and edit a Wikipedia page.

In order to show off his current progress, Killian runs his own blog where he uploads his recent projects.

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