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Kevin O'Leary (not that Kevin O'Leary) was born somewhere on Long Island and not somewhere in Canada. However, it is worth noting that our Kevin O'Leary has traveled to Canada once with his brother mostly as an excuse to go gambling at a Niagara Falls casino. He remembers winning the equivalent of $20 USD on the slots which he later spent on a 12 pack of Molson beer at the duty free shop on the border between Canada and Free Country USA. Before you criticize him for not doing something manly like playing poker, just consider that if he were the sort of person that liked to do math for money, he would not be preparing to become a librarian. When he was in Japan recently he walked through the pachinko parlors, but could not find somebody to teach him how to use the machines. The only other form of gambling he's participated in is horse racing. Although Belmont Park is not too far from his hometown, he was first peer pressured into betting on horses at Churchill Downs during his time at Centre College in Kentucky. During these formative years he learned that he didn't really like mint juleps or even bourbon in general. He cannot remember ever breaking even by the end of a day at the races, but his bad luck reached historical proportions when he placed his bets against American Pharaoh who moments later proved himself worthy of the triple crown through his victory at the 2015 Kentucky Derby. When it comes to money, maybe you're better off taking pointers from the original Kevin O'Leary.

Serge Modular Synthesizers

If you ever meet Kevin he might mention that he spends extended periods of time making odd noises with a strange electronic device. While he realizes most people don't care about his hobby, it might be advantageous to have some idea of what he's talking about.

A mockup of Kevin's Serge Panel

The "Serge" is named for the instrument's creator Serge Tcherepnin, who began working on some of his designs in the 60s and 70s. His most famous design is the Dual Universal Slope Generator, which is highlighted above. The following video shows youtube user Ryan Bocook with two DUSGs (hence "quad slopes") to generate some very unique looking waves shapes represented by his oscilloscope.

For something alittle more rhythmic, we can turn to the famous Dr. Wiener who is using many other Serge designs besides.

And this just scratches the surface of the capabilities of this module.

The People's Synthesizer

I have a gimmicky pet project that I am working on where I aim to cover leftist songs using sounds exclusively from this synthesizer. The reason that this is gimmicky is because Serge circuit designs were originally some of the cheapest since they could be built by the consumer. This earned the format a reputation as "The People's Synthesizer." Here is my version of the song "Lenin is Young Again." Hopefully this gives you a better idea of the variety of sounds you can squeeze out of this thing.


If it turns out I made you curious about Serge here is a list of resources that can be very helpful.


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