Julian González

Julian Gonzalez is a student at the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science. He is from Queens, New York and continues to reside in the borough.

He received an undergraduate degree in Individualized Study from New York University in 2015.

His first post-graduate job was a Middle School Bilingual Social Studies Teacher at MS 232 in The Bronx. After finishing the school year, he decided against returning to the school, and spent some months soul-searching and attempting to figure out a future plan.

He decided to go back to school, this time to pursue a degree in Library Science, with the intention of becoming a librarian. He is currently enrolled in the Dual Masters in Library Science and History, and is split between becoming a Public Librarian or an Archivist, but increasingly leans towards the former.

He is currently employed as a page in the Library for the Performing Arts of the New York Public Library.

Current interests

While not in school or working, Julian is engaged in some of the following endeavors:

  • reading several books a month,
  • writing poetry,
  • ambling about New York City
  • trying the various world cuisines hosted by the cosmopolis,
  • fighting for social justice in the streets,
  • organizing with the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC),
  • and having a great time with friends.

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