Jaime Poland

My name is Jaime Poland. I'm currently enrolled in the GSLIS program at Queens College, and I hope to become a children's librarian. I currently work at the Mineola Library as a circulation clerk, and the Merrick Library as a children's librarian trainee. My hobbies include:

  • watching movies
  • listening to my boyfriend talk about wrestling
  • making my pets cuddle with me
  • reading about true crime

Currently I'm obsessed with the Golden State Killer case. You can learn more about it on the EAR/ONS subreddit.

This is my cat Chloe. She's my best friend.

Check out my blog
I worked on a presentation this semester with [Sarah Suriel] - go learn more about her.


Hi Jaime I'm using your web page to upload a link to mine! hahahahaha

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