Gabby Borrero

Gabby Borrero

Gabby Borrero is a graduate student at Queens College where she is in enrolled in the dual Masters in Library Science and Master of Arts in History program. She is currently taking her first course in the Library Science program, GSLIS 700: The Technology of Information along with her fellow classmates Leila Walker and Rebecca Voisich. In the fall, she will be taking her first course in the History program. She is also pursuing a Certificate in Archives and the Preservation of Cultural Materials in conjunction with the dual program.



Early Life

Borrero attended the St. Jude elementary school that was located in Inwood, Manhattan. She went on to attend Aquinas High School, located in The Bronx, where she graduated in 2012. In high school, she played the violoncello in the school's string orchestra and played the snare drum in the school's marching band. Her favorite subject in school was History and went to college to major in it.


Borrero attended the College of Mount Saint Vincent as a Business Administration major but later changed her major to History, her favorite subject. She majored in History with a concentration in American History and did a double minor in French and Women's Studies, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016.

Work Experience

During her second year in undergrad, Borrero landed a job as a Library Page for Access Services at the Science, Industry, and Business Library, one of the four research libraries that is part of the New York Public Library system. There she worked for almost three years. Upon graduating with her Bachelor's, she was promoted from Library Page to Library Information Assistant for Adult Services at a Library Branch for the New York Public Library. There, she creates and supervises all adult programming, adult circulation materials, and adult research materials.


Some of Borrero's interests include:

  • Traveling, particularly taking cross country road trips
  • Dogs, playing with them, rescuing them, caring for them
  • Doing extensive research on things that peaks her interest
  • Cooking and trying new foods and recipes
  • She's recently tuned into wrestling once again after losing interest in it when the company decided to introduce the PG Era.
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