Fursey McCormack


Hello, my name is Fursey McCormack. I am a student in the MLIS program at Queens College. I am currently taking my core courses, one of which is 700 - The Technology of Information. In this course I am learning how to use various information technologies to enhance my skill set and prepare to be a librarian in the 21st century.

In this class I will learn how to make a website with HTML. I will also learn how to create Wiki pages and use Social Media for the workplace.

You can contact me at moc.liame|liameym#moc.liame|liameym


  • Education: I am in my thirteenth year as a middle school teacher and continue to marvel at how challenging and rewarding the work is. Staying fresh with the resources I use is key to thriving as a teacher. One of my favorite online places to do this thought the EDSITEment page.
  • Personal Finance: I am passionate about being a wise steward of what I have in order to provide for my family and to bless those in my community who do not have the means that I do. Two basics that have helped us are YNAB and simpledonation.
  • Music: Love my Taylor guitar :)
  • Sailing: During the summers I work as a sailing instructor for Hudson River Community Sailing. They are unique in the NYC area in that they are a non-profit educational organization with a dedicated, year-round youth education program called Sail Academy.

GSLIS700 Cohort

In case you couldn't tell, I used Laura Cacae's amazing wiki page as inspiration for my own. Thanks Laura!
A message from Dan: And thank you, Fursey, for all of you inspiration, which is on display here.

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