Hello, my name is Eric. I live on Long Island, NY in Suffolk County. I graduated from Suffolk County Community in 2013 with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. Then I transferred into Stony Brook University in 2014 and then graduated with my Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Studies (Africana English History) in 2016. Currently in 2017 I am enrolled in the Masters in Library Science at Queens College, NY. This is just an educational background to introduce you to the journey of schooling that I have experienced thus far.

Once I got to Stony Brook University I got involved in only one club but it was enough excitement and challenge for me. This club was the Step Team at Stony Brook University called "Cadence". I joined in 2014, my first semester at Stony Brook, and continued for 3 semesters ending my bonds with Cadence in the Spring of 2015. It was bittersweet but necessary for me to move on for my own growth as an individual. That semester in 2015 I began taking a course called African Drumming that was just beginning its emergence at Stony Brook University for its first time ever. The group is called "Volta". I fell in love with the class, especially the dancing and have been involved in this class for the past two years, even in 2017 after I had graduated from Stony Brook with my bachelors. It is something that I believe is beneficial to the physical body, the spirit and social development between others. I enjoy dancing, singing and learning the different rhythms of the drumming, dancing, singing that originated in the Ghana, Togo and Benin areas of West Africa.

Another part of my life that I enjoy is gardening and learning about different trees, flowers and plants. I am currently researching and growing Asimina Triloba, or called the Paw Paw tree, a Native American fruit that is undergoing a lot of research and cultivation by many people around the world. I am learning how to graft other cultivars onto the trees that I purchased and planted in my families backyard. Hopefully I will learn more about the care, propagation and superior cultivars that are available. Also, growing from seed and tracking their progress etc.

Here are some plants that I am growing and are interested in:

  • Asimina Triloba, Paw Paw Tree
  • Echinacea Purpurea, Coneflower 'Magnus'
  • Musa Basjoo, Japanese Banana Plant
  • Lyceum Barbarum, Goji Berry 'Sweet Lifeberry'
  • Joan J Raspberries
  • Mammoth Sunflowers

Here is another link which will send you to my wordpress website where you can see more of the projects I've worked on this semester. []

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Awesome bio! I italicized the binomial names of the plants, and included the common names of a few that I was familiar with (amateur gardener here.) -Killian Taylor

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