Carol Vogel

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I am currently a student in the GSLIS program at Queens College. I am currently taking my core courses, one of which is 700 The Technology of Information. In this course I am learning how to use various information technologies to enhance my skill set and prepare to become a records and archives coordinator in the 21st Century.

In response to finding dusty boxes in storage, people sometimes say, “who *wants* all this old stuff”? I do, and I prepare organizations for processing, rehousing, and exhibiting all their old but interesting material. Going forward, I would like to help city government to implement archival projects for inactive and archival records.

View my resume to see my background in municipal records management.

Tech Pieces

  • Post-Card
  • Homework Excuse Generator
  • WordPress
  • Google Suite Slideshow
  • Interactive Quiz
  • Hello World


I have had the privilege of completing projects for the following clients:

  • The City of New York - Archival Records Inventory and Processing.
  • New-York Historical Society - Archival Processing and Triage.
  • Time Inc., on assignment from LAC Group - Corporate Archival Inventory and Relocation.

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Here is a link to Joe Sanchez, the professor of LBSCI 700 at Queens College GSLIS.
Here is a link to Sara Neil, fellow student at Queens College GSLIS.

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