Carla Snow


Carla Snow was born and raised in North Carolina, but fell in love with Brooklyn many years ago and never looked back. She is a graduate student in the GSLIS program at Queens College, and and previously received an MFA in Animation from NYU. She's also a hairstylist, and when she's not in class, you can find her crafting trendy locks in the east village at Twigs Salon.

Favorite Illustrators

Here are some of Carla's favorite illustrators

Most illustrations are copyrighted and unavailable for use on Wikimedia, but here's a photoshopped image with artwork from Tim Burton's animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. 320px-The_Nightmare_Before_Christmas_%282944550316%29.jpg

You can also read about Lane Smith in his Wikipedia page.

Carla's Dog Boo

This is my dog Boo, she's the best and cutest dog ever.


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