Brooke Brenan


Hello everyone! My name is Brooke Brenan, a student in the MLIS program at Queens College! As this is my first semester, I am taking core courses including 700 The Technology of Information. Before attending Queens College, I studied at Stony Brook University where I obtained a Bachelor of Political Science. After graduation, it is my goal to pursue a second M.A. in Political Science, with the goal of becoming a subject librarian.

You can contact me at ude.ynuc.liamq|nanerb.ekoorb#ude.ynuc.liamq|nanerb.ekoorb

Meet my fellow classmates here!

  • Ryan Ramdeo
  • Ivanna Machuca
  • Angelina Anzalone
  • Larissa Zhang
  • Eric Silberberg
  • Harley Soskel
  • Pamela White
  • Daniel Lado
  • Allison Iannolo hello! I popped in to link my page.
  • Erin A'Hearn
  • Danabelle Ignes
  • Wyatt McLean
  • Richard Gyampo
  • Kristina Polacco
  • Amanee Abdallah
  • Megan Pindling
  • Eliecer Gutierrez-Gaspar
  • Max Nocerino
  • Melissa Cabarcas

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