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Welcome to my Wikidot.

My name is Madhdvie, but just in case you don’t know how to pronounce it, try this: “Mah-Day-V”. If that still doesn’t help, I have a nickname that shouldn’t be any trouble at all to say, it’s Sherry.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in History from CUNY York College and I am currently a graduate student in the Library Science and History program at CUNY Queens College. I love History so much and I love working with old (very old) artifacts. I tend to enter a weird frenzy when I’m dealing with such things. I was an Archives and Exhibit intern at Queens Museum. Other than archiving, I would also love to conduct historical research. I’ve done some research as an undergraduate student and during my own time; learning about the backstory of anything, interests me.

One of the courses I am taking at Queens College, Library Science 700 and we have done quite a few, fun, assignments. Which includes:

  • Creating a webpage and postcard on Mozilla Thimble
  • Utilizing Google Apps
  • Creating web-based video games on the MIT website, Scratch
  • Creating a blog on Wordpress

Here's my Wordpress blog, if you're interested in checking it out.
Madhdvie's Wordpress

I am a huge Whovian and I have a hard time choosing between my two favorite Doctors, the 10th and 11th ones.
The 10th and 11th Doctor's holding up their sonic screwdriver
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