E. Arestyl

Ms. E, the half-sister of the infamous Mr. E, of Mystery Incorporated, chose to move away from the family line of mystery solving in her life work. She is now focused on helping people maintain privacy in this semi-information age. She is currently working as an office assistant (full-time), and is enrolled part time in the Graduate School for Library and Information Studies at Queens College. She has presented at the Conference for Inclusion and Diversity in Library and Information Science, in College Park Maryland, and the ACRL/NY Money & Power Symposium this fall 2016. As of this year I have taken all 4 of the introductory courses for the program:

  • LBSCI 700
  • LBSCI 701
  • LBSCI 702
  • LBSCI 703

Of the 4 I actually enjoyed 701 and 703 the most. My 701 professor allowed us to use our own English in our papers. She, too, does not support the sole use of standard american english in higher education and its exclusivity. My 703 class I enjoy because it's basically open book. :-p

Remember Charlie!? He's still horrible. If you would like to take him away please contact me!


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