Alexandra Torres

My name is Alexandra Torres and I’m studying to be an Academic Librarian! This is my first semester in the GSLIS program at Queens College and I’m currently taking LBSCI 700: Technology of Information. In this course, I’ve learned to use:


  • Basic HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Advanced Micro Soft Word
  • Word Press
  • Excel
  • Google Suite
  • Wiki
  • Scratch
These programs are important to use and integrate towards my library profession. This course has helped me become familiar with programs that are commonly used in modern technology. I plan on honing my skills in these programs and expand my interests in computer science by joining the CSI program at Queens College.

Hello from Alexandra's colleague, Carrie Jedlicka! Alexandra delivered a great presentation on computational thinking in class last week.

Please know that my colleague Alexandra Torres made an awesome presentation in class!

Hi Alexandra! This is Carmen, your Computational Thinking presentation partner. I like the image you added to your page. This is a link to my page: Carmen

On this page, I will add an image from my final exam here:


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