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Alexander Bolesta
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Hello! My name is Alexander Bolesta, and I am a student at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Queens College. This is my school website, where I will post some personal reflections, as well as assignments for my Technology of Information course.

My life has revolved around gaining new experiences and organizing them in a way that allows me to see the big picture. From visiting world-class museums with my school to exploring the parks and other natural spaces of New York City during my formative years, my path bent strongly towards environmentalism and appreciation for natural and cultural history. I was the kid who would spend just as much time on sick days catching up with nature documentaries and the Weather Channel as on cartoons and other entertainment. I was awed at the biodiversity and of the range of weather and climate on display, and it became my goal to see it all in person.

Following in Steve Irwin’s footsteps, I volunteered at the zoo throughout high school and learned that, yes, my domestic house-cat is a bigger pain in the neck than most wild animals. I was bitten by the photography bug as well as the travel bug, and my camera became a necessary part of documenting my life. Whether I produce my photographs with film in a darkroom or solely by digital processes, capturing moments through pictures has become my expressive medium of choice. I have set foot in three continents and ten countries with many more to come, and I keep a meticulous travel map using GIS to track my world-explorer progress to the highest resolution that the data and my tracking allow.

My amalgamated skill-set found root at the American Museum of Natural History, where I spent more than five years as an educator, a live animal caretaker, a collections databaser, and a web editor. Currently I am continuing my quest to make progress in a world that is desperately in need of harmony between tech and environmentalism. Is the future looking bright in this regard? I think so, too.

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