GSLIS700- WIKI Page!

Welcome to the 700 Class Wiki!

What you need to do:

  • Create a new wiki page with your name
  • Add a brief bio (can be the same from your other website)
  • Add a picture
  • create a bulleted list
  • create a link to an outside website
  • create a link to a page within the wiki
  • Edit another student's page and place a link on their page linking back to your page
  • put a link to your page on this homepage

See the blog post to learn how to edit a wiki.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Gold
Kristen's Wikidot
Leila Walker
Mallory Weber
Annette Mims
Rebecca Voisich
Maria Cavaliere
Cindy Centanni
Ari Stern
Jen Gage
Patricia Reguyal
Robert Newman
Raheem Clarke
Gabby Borrero

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