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Trevor Kroger is an aspiring librarian, former QA drone, and writer of weird fiction.


This is not the first time Mr. Kroger has edited a wiki, though the first resulted in an IP ban in Virginia. This was suffered for a righteous cause: insinuating Larry Kudlow is a coke-snorting pedophile.

Why him?

Any waterhead who carries the water for Wall Street on cable news in 2009 is eminently deserving of abuse. Jesus would agree.

Lessons from the World of QA

  • Never assume the new feature didn't break an old feature.
  • Marketing and Development do not speak the same language.
  • Always have hard backups.
  • No, you cannot just rebuild from the scripts.

Published Stories

  • My Sexual Problem
  • The Crapper Study
  • The Brief Adventure of Bodo (coming soon)
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