GSLIS700- WIKI Page!

Welcome to the 700 Class Wiki!

What you need to do:

  • Create a new wiki page with your name
  • Add a brief bio (can be the same from your other website)
  • Add a picture
  • create a bulleted list
  • create a link to an outside website
  • create a link to a page within the wiki
  • Edit another student's page and place a link on their page linking back to your page
  • put a link to your page on this homepage:
  1. Rachel Moore
  2. Jennifer Grunenberg
  3. Melanie Chin
  4. Christine Ashton
  5. Daniela Trapani
  6. Johnathan Longo
  7. Michelle Vitale
  8. Sam Weinberg
  9. Mariah Butts
  10. Samantha King
  11. Jennifer Marroquin
  12. Marion Johnson
  13. Lydia Wen
  14. Gabriel Cortez
  15. Taryn Fouche
  16. Emily
  17. Melissa Bobe
  18. Martha Ramirez
  19. Suraya Jairam

See the blog post to learn how to edit a wiki.

Thank you!

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