GSLIS700- WIKI Page!

Welcome to the 700 Class Wiki!

What you need to do:

  • Create a new wiki page with your name
  • Add a brief bio (can be the same from your other website)
  • Add a picture
  • create a bulleted list
  • create a link to an outside website
  • create a link to a page within the wiki
  • Edit another student's page and place a link on their page linking back to your page
  • put a link to your page in the table below under the correct column day

See the blog post to learn how to edit a wiki.

Monday Section Wednesday Section
Jared Goldfarb click here Jamie Discala Click here
Phoebe Levin click here Sheila Kaplowitz Click here
Alex Crowley click here Laura Cacace Click here
Kiana Bressant click here Melissa Lino Click here
Imer Ardolic click here David Diaz Click here
Seth Becker click here Shannon Dalrymple Click here
Lauren Herskovitz click here Gabriella Lacza Click Here
Melanie Ollett click here Joseph Wolf Click Here
Mei Choong click here Mary Moore click here
Cullen Gallagher click here Peyton Powell click here
Mitsuko Brooks click here Kevin O'Leary Click Here
Catherine Brobston click here Nina Velasco Click Here
Melanie McDonald click here Christina Lorper Click Here
Nicole Cieslewicz click here Evgenia Nikolopoulou Click Here
Ally Schaefer Click Here Fursey McCormack Click Here
Ana Walsh click here Daniel Grgas Click Here
Devin Tilitz Click here Camille Lawrence click here
Socrates Silver click here Lois A Young click here
Louis Silver click here Kate Marcus Click here
Jacinta Bowman Click here Sunny Chung Click here
Migdalia Caraballo *Click here

Thank you!

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