Welcome to 700 Wiki Page

Welcome to the class wiki page

What you need to do:

  • Create a wiki page with your last name as the title
  • Add a brief bio (can be the same about me information you've already been using)
  • Add a picture
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Create a link to an outside website
  • Create a link to the class homepage (this page)
  • Edit another student's wiki page by making a link to your page from their page.

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Professor Sanchez
Betty Noe
Paige Laino
Emily Rennie
Jeanette Foster
Arleen Castillo
Charlotte Calmer
Charlotte Seelig
Shanta Gee
Mars Gleberman
Fnu Baohua
JonNino Cavigliano
Edgar Paredes
Nick Mishkovsky
Scout Zabel
Janna Luttrell
Ciara Brown
Aliya Gough
Lara Goodman
Elizabeth Sawyer
Janesha Yancey

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